Who We Are

We have been the laptop experts in Hawkes Bay for the last 7 years. We pride ourselves on the fact that each staff member can help you with enquires but we also have staff members that provide expertise on all areas of computers.

Hayden Andrews - He handles all our insurance jobs and fixes those things that physically go wrong with a laptop like broken screens, burnt out video chips and broken hinges. He also is good at finding those little items that others don't carry.

Ray Taylor - Ray is our network and server specialist. A fast learner who has set up his own broadband and telco company here in the Bay. Problems with email, networking, servers and general onsite issues, Ray can help with the lot.

Justin Andrews - Our everything man, lots of experience in computers that he then translates for the technophobe. If you need a price, something explained or if your not sure about what you should be getting, give him a call.

Ian Ross - If you have a virus or malware problem, then Ian is the man to help you out. If your machine is slowing down or not going where it should, call us and Ian will get rid of the nasties for you.

Kathleen Andrews - The accounts lady. With this many guys, we need someone to keep everything straight and that falls to Kathleen. Need an appointment for a tech? Call Kathleen and she will make sure one of us is on the job.


What We Do

Virus Removal

We don't try to charge you by the hour for virus removal. We give you a set price and options. Starting from $109, let us get your machine working online like it should do.

Computer Clean up

Is your computer not quite running the way it should. Let us clean it up and get all those programs up to date with our $89 clean up service.

Full Format and Re-setup

If your computer is in a real mess or if you are looking to pass it off to some one else, then let us back up your data and reset the machine up as if it is brand new. From $169, you know exactly what it will cost to fix your PC.

New Parts

We provide all computer parts, from cables to memory to graphics cards. We can source them and fit them, often at a cheaper price than the big box stores. Call us and see what we can do for you.