Tips for Hiring The Best 24 Hour Plumber Melbourne

Your home plumbing system is a complex system involving pipes and fixtures that provide clean water and waste disposal. These systems are vulnerable to damages over the years, and the sad part is that you never know when an emergency will strike. In some cases, plumbing emergencies such as pipe bursts come when least expected and leave your place messy while damaging some of your items. This way, it is vital to find a reliable 24 hour plumber Melbourne has and have someone to call in case of any emergency. Here are the tips;


It is vital to look at the number of years a 24 hour plumber Melbourne has been operating. You want to get the best in the industry, and this can only be the seasoned ones. Plumbing systems are complex, and so are the problems that affect them. You need a plumber like Lexity Plumbing that has seen it all and can quickly diagnose your system and implement the best solution. Many years of experience offering emergency plumbing services is an indication that the company must be providing reliable services.

Warranty and Insurance

Plumbing systems cost a lot of money, and you would not want a plumber messing up with it. This way, make sure that the plumber you are hiring offers a warranty in case they damage a part of the system while repairing it. It is also good to look if they have the insurance policies required for them to operate. One of the policies is one that covers your goods and house against the damages caused by their plumbing work. The other policy should be a workman’s compensation policy that compensates them if they are injured while working on your system. The bottom-line of this is that you could end up paying a lot of money after having a plumber at your home. Ensure that you are not left liable for anything and stick to the 24 hour plumber Melbourne that has the policies needed.


All the emergency plumber Melbourne including Lexity Plumbing has will paint their business in good light and try to lure you into hiring them. This is marketing, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, be wiser than that and go an extra step to determine whether all these claims are valid or not. An excellent way to do it is by going online to check the reviews posted about the plumber in question. The internet has a plethora of independent review websites that will give you an accurate picture of the 24 hour plumber Melbourne. If you find a plumber being appraised by clients, there is a high chance that they are good at what they do, and you should consider them. Stay away from all the plumbers that receive several complains from their clients.

Once you find a few plumbers worth considering, schedule interviews and ask for their quotes. Be wary of over the phone prices since the plumber will make a general quote without even checking the condition of your system. Ensure that they offer 24-hour emergency services so that you can be assured that all your plumbing emergencies will be attended to regardless of the time they strike.